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"Choosing ShillerMath was the best decision we ever made for our children - and us." - Jory L. La Costa, CA
Customer Joelle Cowen talks about her ShillerMath experience
Antoinette demonstrates the power of Montessori decimal material

Challenging and Fun... Even for me!

I never expected math to be my daughter's favorite subject
or to be a source of confidence for her.

- Jane S. Townsend

ShillerMath was the only program that could hold my son's interest

ShillerMath has opened up a whole new way of learning for us. It is an amazing addition to our homeschooling life. Our son won't stop testing us on math!

- Emma Jones

What is ShillerMath

ShillerMath is the premiere homeschool publisher of preK - 8th grade Montessori-based curriculum kits.

Designed for gifted students, ASD students, and all students in between, ShillerMath's money-saving multi-year kits remove the stress of teaching math while protecting your pocketbook.

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Why ShillerMath?

Proven: Montessori-Based

Multi-Sensory with Catchy Songs

Our Montessori-based curricula is more effective than other non-Montessori-based curricula because it recognizes that children have four primary learning styles:

Nerves that connect to the brain


Reading and viewing pictures from a lesson book

The retina and optic nerve


Playing with manipulatives

Nerve cells in the skin

Listening and singing to music

Auditory nerve


Moving the body

Nerve cells deep in the muscles

  • Each learning style reaches a different part of the brain, buildng important connections and long memories. This is why ShillerMath students attain deeper understanding, longer retention, and a solid foundation.
  • Our songs are fully integrated into the curriculum. Children - and surprisingly, parents - love them. Take a listen!

Works for All Students

  • Whether your child is gifted, ASD or normal, is a current or former Montessori student, or not, is a pre-K student or in junior high, ShillerMath meets that child wherever they are in their learning journey.
  • With our unique 2C approach, your child will master every lesson, achieving both Competency and Closure, and allowing each student to work at his or her own pace and using their specific abilities and knowledge to progress, without the anxiety and stress that so often accompany learning.
  • That's why ShillerMath works so effectively for all students. And why so many parents have found ShillerMath to be the only curriculum they'll ever need for their family.

We've Been Helping Homeschool Families Like Yours for 15 Years

  • Since we started out 15 years ago, homeschoolers everywhere have come to love ShillerMath. Dozens of independent reviews at top homeschooling blogs and magazines show why.
  • Google us to see the amazing results kids parents have achieved with ShillerMath.
  • Or see selections from thousands of rave customer reviews.

Designed for Homeschoolers

Pinpoint Placement Testing

Wouldn't it be great if you could:

  • Pinpoint the exact holes that exist in a child's understanding; and
  • Do the exact lessons to fill those holes?
  • That's what our industry-leading diagnostic testing does: The exact lessons to complete are shown for each incorrect answer.
  • And that's why ShillerMath students score so well on standardized testing that is becoming the norm in middle schools. They'll be far ahead of other kids because ShillerMath has the concepts, tools, and approaches to make learning fun and rewarding.
  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Tests are included with every kit purchase.

Beautiful, High-Quality, and Long-Lasting Manipulatives

  • High quality materials and workmanship are the hallmarks of ShillerMath Montessori-based manipulatives. You and your child will appreciate the color, functionality, and sturdiness of each and every manipulative.
  • Lesson books are beautifully printed in four colors, with sturdy covers and heavyweight pages, that lay flat for use anywhere.
  • Kids love to sing and dance to the songs written for ShillerMath by the renowned Ron Brown. Enjoy The Fiddle Man, one of over 100 ShillerMath songs.
  • ShillerMath provides everything you need for a long-living, comprehensive, and Montessori-based home study curriculum.

Unparalleled Customer Support

  • We're with you every step of the way. When you purchase a ShillerMath kit, you get free and timely access to the legendary ShillerMath support team by phone or email for every question or issue, no matter how small.
  • Our customer support is world famous: It's the same level of quality that you'd expect at a 5-star hotel.
  • What our customers have to say

Free 90-Day Larry's Club Private Membership

Get the comfort and security that comes from being part of an involved ShillerMath Customer Community. For a low annual fee, you'll have access to:

  • Weekly video tips
  • Free curriculum updates
  • 15-minute guaranteed response time during normal hours
  • One-on-one consultation with Larry for your specific situation. Parents pay Larry $750/hour for tutoring – but with Larry’s Club it’s yours free.
  • Weekly webinars for customer Q&A (normally $19.95 but free with Larry's Club)
  • A like-minded community of ShillerParents to share experiences and best practices
  • Free replacement of manipulatives should you ever need it
  • Receive a complimentary 90-day Larry's Club membership with your kit purchase

Open & Go Kits

You're already busy. We make sure you don't get even busier.

Zero Lesson Preparation: All Lessons are Scripted

  • Imagine a math curriculum where you don't need to spend a minute preparing for a lesson.
  • With ShillerMath, parents don't need to know Montessori or math. There's ZERO lesson preparation time: everything you need to say is in quotes and complete instructions are provided for every lesson.
  • Most other sets of curricula require time-wasting, mind-numbing videos or texts before teaching - and learning - can begin. Not ShillerMath: It's Open & Go.
  • See for yourself. Check out these sample lessons from each of our books: Book 1 Book 2 Book 3 Book 4 Book 5 Book 6 Book F

Multi-Year Kits Have Everything You Need

Every ShillerMath kit includes all materials you and your child need to achieve learning success. And there's no more stressful, annual shopping from store to store for curriculum. With ShillerMath, it's all there.

  • Carefully structured and eye-pleasing lessons and activities See free sample lessons from Book 2
  • Corny (but catchy) songs that integrate directly with the curriculum Enjoy Alien Even and Odd, one of over 100 ShillerMath songs
  • Comprehensive diagnostic tests that identify and fill holes in your child's knowledge.
  • A complete set of manipulatives: Objects that students play with to explore, discover, and cement important principles
  • QuickStart Educator Guide
  • FREE toll-free phone (888-556-MATH) and email support


One Kit Serves Every Child in the Family

  • Once you invest in a ShillerMath kit, it's good for all the children in your family. Our lifetime manipulatives stand the test of time, even for families with five or more children. Why waste money for a new curriculum for each child?

Free Consumable Downloads

  • Whether you have one child or ten, every child has a personalized lesson plan because every ShillerMath kit includes free lifetime replacement of consumable lessons.

Virtual Kit Option

  • Already have Montessori manipulatives? Choose our virtual kit option and save. Get all the lesson books, answer guides, worksheets, manipulative printouts, and mp3 songs in a convenient download for a fraction of the cost.

How the Program Works

Children build a broad and deep math foundation with trusted Montessori-based manipulatives, lessons, and songs. And there's zero lesson preparation for parents. A homeschool parent's dream!

Learn new concepts using the proven Three Period Lesson.

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Use all the senses (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, tactile) to deeply understand the concept.

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Apply new knowledge with puzzles, games, and multi-sensory activities.

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Prescriptive tests pinpoint holes and the lessons to fix them.

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Review of ShillerMath Benefits

  • Montessori-Based
  • Multi-Sensory with Catchy Songs
  • Work for All Students
  • Beautiful, High-Quality, and Long-Lasting Manipulatives
  • Unparalleled Customer Support
  • Free 90-Day Larry's Club Private Membership
  • Zero Lesson Preparation:All Lessons are Scripted
  • One Kit Serves Every Child in the Family
  • Free Consumable Downloads & Virtual Kit Options

ShillerMath Kit I

ShillerMath Kit I

  • Scripted lessons guide you through each lesson, with zero lesson preparation
  • Beautiful, varied, and lifetime manipulatives capture children's continuing interest
  • Children (and parents!) love the dozens of catchy songs that integrate with lessons
  • Multi-year kits ensure a consistent and money-saving experience
  • Lifetime consumable lesson replacement - 1 kit is all you need for the entire family

Kit I Contents:

Three full-color, wire-bound, lay-flat lesson books with PDF answer guides

Over a dozen beautiful manipulatives, including a balance, number cards, number tiles, foam ball, dominoes, a US/metric ruler, wooden shapes, dice, measuring cups, and operator cards

A full set of Montessori decimal material, including 100 unit cubes, 27 ten rods, 27 hundred rod, and 17 thousand cubes (1 plastic and 16 cardboard) along with a convenient, wooden decimal tray

Parent guide, lesson and diagnostic test tracking sheets, and an audio CD with 25 catchy songs that integrate directly with the lessons

Lifetime consumable replacement license for all children of one generation in the family

Complete 5-Year Math Kit I


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Money Back Guarantee.

Simply the Best There Is


Educator Designed

Parent Approved

Parents, blogs, and magazines recognize ShillerMath as one of the top, most effective, and most kid-loved math programs your hard-earned money can buy

The World's Boldest Math Guarantee:

Improve By One Grade Level in the Next 30 Days

Money Back Guarantee!

See a grade level boost in your child's math skills in 30 days - guaranteed! If your child is not transformed into a more confident math student within 30 days, send back the kit and we'll return your money.

"My kids are excited and constantly testing us math questions! It's helped them excel and comprehend other subjects, especially those containing practical logic"

-Johnny & Jessica, customers

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